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Packages Tied Up With Strings

My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with friends and family , my second favorite part is wrapping all the gifts to be beautiful packages that I get to watch people rip into tiny peices on the special day. Rather it is a birthday or christmas. I love wrapping up gifts. I got this gorgeous ribbon set. It can be used for a vareity of crafts this season. I used the ribbon to make faux presents for porch decor. These might get stolen but that is why I used empty boxes. But here's another peek at it and the ornaments we are making for people this year . I used this ribbon to make all my bows. I STILL have a ton left and I plan to use it to make the kids presents extra cute this year. Might even make some more faux presents to do some photos by the fireplace 😍 you can get the ribbon at the link below and I included a printable with it. Jus save to your phone or computer and you can print it out and make your own

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