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Nexplanon Horror

I think any woman would agree that birth control . Sucks. Nexplanon though and womans healthcare is different. I don't know why but when it comes to birth control and a womans choice Dr's change their attitudes, they don't listen to us and they push off signs and symptoms that something is wrong by blaming our horomones or saying we are being dramatic about side effects. In december 2019 I had nexplanon inserted in my left arm . By march 2020 I felt hot, dizzy and sick almost every morning and in waves throughout the day. Then the chest pains started. Turns out my implant was broken , however what should of been a quick trip a DR or ER for a request for removal turned into a horror story I never imagines. 2 urgent care visits, a ER trip , 4 different appointments and threatening to self remove it myself is what it took for DRs to listen to me and take it out. Then they had to audacity to act surprised that it was broken. You can read more about my and other womans s

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