About Taste Write Bite & Our Author

Taste Write Bite was created ,in the beginning of March 2019. We are a new blog and soon to be webstore that focuses on creating recipes, trying new food, drinks, & then making sure I write them down so they can be shared. 

Our plans are too use a variety of tools on our site including written posts, recipes, giveaways for you and your kitchen and possibly videos!

I'm a mom of 2, a 7 year old and in April a soon to be 6 yr old. They are 14 months apart, yes I was a tad crazy and yes they drive me even more so daily but they are worth every bit of it. 

Family , Food , Animals and the Outdoors are my top passions. I took photography classes for 3 years while in high school in a partnership with our local community college which allowed students in junior and senior year to attend college while attending high school. This has lifted my passion in the food industry as I combine three passions into one. 

Writing and creating recipes, cooking food and finally the best part eating it. 

Which is how I came up with the name for my blog and business.

Taste Write Bite. 

I eat a lot of everything, from junk food to super healthy food, so you can most definitely expect to see a great variety of recipes on here! 

I will always include photographs that are watermarked. This is to help cut down on internet fraud and photography poaching. If a photo is not mine or not taken by me you will see appropriate credits. Such as Taken by - or - photo by  I try to always link to their own social media accounts. 

Speaking of social media please find me on Instagram by searching lilwritinghood same handle for twitter too! 

I look forward to sharing my creations with you and your kitchen! 

Comments are always welcome and I love the interaction! 


Taste Write Bite Creator: 
Misha Alsleben

P.S The store with kitchen gear and much more launches April 12th 2019 !

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