Easter and That Momlife Though

Ah the holidays. Really any holiday is normally pretty exciting in our house. We don't always go all out in fact the kids second easter we didn't do anything at all because everyone was sick. This year we did a small easter and a dinner, and while the kids weren't sick, mom was. I don't get sick nearly as much as I use to for which I'm thankful, I spent most of my teens sick and would prefer to have a healthy 20s and rest of my life if possible. Another reason I'm slowly making changes to my habits and lifestyle to eat healthier but I also don't want to diet for the rest of my life.

 Anyway Easter weekend was fun and eventful but since Friday I just wasn't feeling good and because I worked Friday when I got home and cooked I didn't remember to take any pictures so no post. Monday was well it was a interesting busy day of cleaning up the chaos from the days previous.

So now here we are its Tuesday and I have stuff to share <3

My goal with this blog is to be as consistent as possible, but life happens and when it does ill give explanations as I can !

So the next post was actually voted on , on my Facebook !

 1 Chicken , 2 Meals is coming up next , don't miss it and thank you for reading !

Also is it just me but do kids seem crankier after the holidays?

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